DINTEK 2023 New Products

Respberry pi

This Pi 400 unit makes it easily to set up your office or home computing environment , refer to the tips provided on Nextcloud File Server on Pi B3 or Pi B4 could be config with a few snap command line and deploy smoothly.

Dell latitude 3510

Ubuntu-18.04 Why is Ubuntu so popular? Six reason why developers choose Ubuntu Desktop.Please check Whitepaper issued by, one line command to install & start apps.“sudo snap install nextcloud”Just one line command to set up file server local Env. on major cloud,depend on your requirement and easy maintenance. “Ubuntu is a trademark of Canonical… Continue reading Dell latitude 3510

Renew complted

Renew our Homepage Global partner: Edimax Dintek Security software Areabe ubuntu on Dell Ubuntu-18.04 on Dell Latitude 3510 available for quantity adoption about 3 weeks to one month. commercial support for Server & Desktop: Ubuntu advantage Why is Ubuntu so popular? Examines six key reasons whitepapeissued by to, check one line command to… Continue reading Renew complted

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